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Women’s Fashion – Classic, Elegance, Femininity!

Fashion is not only about the great world of the Italian and New York catwalks, reserved for designers and famous models. It is primarily a universal way of expressing yourself in every situation – from work, playing with the children and meeting with friends, to special occasions such as wedding receptions or a wedding anniversary. However, it is worth keeping in mind current trends. Popular this season is the floral skirt, which, in combination with a white blouse, makes a very elegant outfit. If you are thinking of dresses for special occasions, the choice may be a classic black dress. Ladies who go one step further and choose a golden dress are perfectly in tune with the current fashion. Designers are also delighted to see that maxi dresses are being abandoned for … one-piece jumpsuits emphasising the strengths of the figure. Bold colours reign at parties, so the pink jumpsuits do the business on the dance floor. At an evening dinner, a white jumpsuit will be very well received.

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The Classic Collection – Universal and Always in Fashion


The classic collection will suit every situation. It is addressed to ladies who are not afraid of original designs, as well as to those who value classics and simplicity. The classic collection means high quality clothes made for elegant women requiring dresses for special occasions, maxi skirts, shiny skirts and one-piece jumpsuits. The colours of clothes, including trousers and skirts, are unmistakable and subdued, though those such as sunny yellow or mint bring to mind beautiful summer days. Combined with a white blouse with flounce, glittering accessories and elegant shoes, they look beautiful and chic. For ladies who would like to break the boundaries while still feeling comfortable, we recommend a white jumpsuit. One-piece jumpsuits are a great alternative to everyday women’s clothes. The high quality of clothes and textiles, interesting cuts, careful finishing and a variety of styles are the main features of the classic collection.