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Jumpsuits and loose clothes

White Blouse and Trousers, or Maybe a One-piece Jumpsuit? Suit Yourself!


Women’s clothes are not just about skirts and dresses, but also include trousers in a variety of styles and colours with interesting styling elements. Trousers and blouses that are well-matched to the figure do not give any ground to beautiful dresses. They emphasise the many advantages of the female shape, but they also draw attention away from what the ladies do not feel to be their best assets. Today’s fashion gives plenty of space for different styles – the narrow leg of the classic collection is recommended for women who dream of giving the visual impression of an extended figure and want to emphasise their shapely legs. High heels complete the impression created by such a cut. Lively colours and flowery designs are the best choice for this fashion, especially with a white blouse. Wide-leg trousers effectively mask excess pounds while emphasising slim buttocks and the pinch of the waist. The onepiece jumpsuit – a combination of trousers and blouse – is a great choice suitable for both work and parties, and offering an attractive alternative to the classics available in every woman’s wardrobe.

Why are Jumpsuits Taking the World of Women’s Fashion by Storm?


Onepiece jumpsuits are the perfect choice for women looking for a little more than comfort and neatness. The versatility of jumpsuits means they can successfully be worn instead of designer dresses for special occasions and casual dresses for everyday wear. The trend this season is for a navy jumpsuit with appropriate footwear – preferably high heels – and accessories that emphasise femininity, mystery and elegance. A pink jumpsuit with, for example, dark blue or grey accessories will exude a cheerful and girlish character. The onepiece jumpsuit is also comfortable, especially the denim jumpsuit, which goes with any type of footwear, from sporty white sneakers to colourful high-heeled shoes or stilettos. At first glance, the denim jumpsuit resembles the dungarees from a classic collection, and it is in fact just as comfortable but definitely more elegant and modern looking. Depending on your preference, the one-piece jumpsuit can be tight-fitting, with narrow legs, or looser version – with wider trousers.



High-waist Shorts to Emphasise the Waist


Shorts are an integral part of the summer wardrobe. They reign among ladies’ clothes mainly because of their practicality – they are very comfortable, airy, and in combination with an interesting blouse and high-heeled shoe make a unique outfit ideal for many occasions – whether casual meetings with friends or business meetings. You can choose from various lengths and cuts of shorts, but the key to looking good is to make sure that they suit the figure well. Tight jean shorts are reserved for slim figures and trim legs. Highwaist shorts will lengthen the figure and emphasise the waistline. Longer, loose shorts, such as those with pockets, will hide unnecessary kilograms, giving the appearance of smaller hips while still showing the feminine shape. Shoes are a matter of choice – for the evening, a pair of high heels give the calf a perfect shape, while for everyday wear, comfortable platform, sandals or ballerina slippers are recommended, especially on hot days. The choice of blouse is also vital, with a white blouse giving an understated element to the styling, but vivid colours and brave cuts being the choice if you really want to go all out.