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Maxi dresses and skirt

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter – Be Fashionable all Year Round!


Vintage dresses and maxi dresses – the Spring/Summer 2016 Collection in a Nutshell


The spring/summer collection 2016 is elegance and chic with a simple and subdued tone. Maxi dresses with puffed sleeves, which bring to mind vintage dresses, add femininity and charm to everyday activity, while their quality tailoring and beautiful colours make them the perfect alternative to evening dresses. Navy blue and cream dresses are enjoying great spring/summer popularity. The fabrics used for spring dresses ensure comfort, as they are airy and make the high temperatures less noticeable. Traditional fashionable styles can also be created by selecting trousers in summer colours such as mint or yellow and a blouse with interesting adornments, while short-sleeved or flannel blouses can add feminine charm. The spring/summer collection 2016 also includes a wide selection of long skirts. A long white skirt with a classic cut is perfect for hot days, while a long black skirt with fancy flounces will be a good choice for evenings out.

How to Style for Autumn

The autumn/winter collection is characterised by a variety of styles and the whole palette of colours. This is definitely good for ladies whose favourite item in their wardrobe is a blouse. There are many options for every figure and every occasion in the autumn/winter collection. For ladies who want to emphasise their slim figure and narrow shoulders, blouses with puffy sleeves will be ideal. These can be worn with narrow white trousers or a long white skirt. The combination of a white blouse and leather skirt is an interesting choice will be the combination of a white blouse with a leather skirt. If, however, girlish charm is to be emphasised, the choice should be a sweet dress in pastel colors. They can also be replaced by vintage dresses, which in autumn and winter bring summer memories to mind. Maxi dresses emphasising a perfect waistline and enhancing the bust are also cute dresses, and it is worth taking a look at longsleeved dresses – which are a bit warmer, though the fabric they are made of is very breathable.


A Maxi Skirt and white Blouse – the Alternative to Boring Dresses


Ladies clothes from this year’s spring/summer collection are a feast of colours – from pastels to succulent shades. Designers have been sure to allow for looseness and comfort, but clothes are not lacking in class or style, enhanced as they are by geometric cuts, large flounces, puffy sleeves and embroidery stitching. The hits of the season are long pencil skirts, which hug the figure and emphasise all the assets of the female form. The best aspects of the figure will also be enhanced by tailor-made trousers in blue, peach or yellow. One-piece jumpsuits are also worthy of consideration. A navy jumpsuit combines a remarkable colour that brings to mind evening dresses with the comfort that distinguishes casual trousers or cotton skirts. The combination of a white blouse and long white skirt with brown panels will go down well at important celebrations, where an elegant spring/summer outfit is an absolute necessity. Braver ladies seeking a modern look should combine a white blouse with a leather skirt and high heels.


Capes and Loose Clothing – Wear them All Year Round


Variations on capes were the hits of the last season. Starting with traditional cloaks or capes, designers quickly arrived at the loose material motif that works well for blousesdesigner dresses and long-sleeved dresses, in this case cut slim or expanded at the bottom. Such styles give the feeling of airiness and lightness that is most often achieved in dresses for special occasions, such as wedding dresses or evening dresses. The colours are light beige, dark blue and pastels. Blouses enhance the perfect figure and are addressed to ladies who want to show off, among other things, a flat stomach or slim shoulders. Cape blouses do not work well in combination with flared skirts, but are a great match for a pencil skirt and high-heeled shoes. Such an outfit is a good alternative to little dresses and sweet dresses.