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Floral and pencil skirt

A Floral Skirt and White Blouse – Perfect for Ladies with Class


Blouses are basic items in the ladies’ wardrobe. Depending on the cut and the fashion, they may be the main focus of styling, but they can also complement it, as for example when worn with bold jeans shorts or a lace skirt. Ladies’ blouses are suitable for every occasion. A white blouse is a good choice for formal meetings because it is elegant and emphasises professionalism and class, especially in combination with a classic pencil skirt showing a slim figure. In everyday situations, a loose cotton white blouse goes well with a long skirt, a flowery skirt, fashion’s boldest word, a leather skirt. A white blouse can also have an unconventional use – with fans of one-piece jumpsuits wearing it as a shawl that lightens the styling and gives it a casual look, but also protects the shoulders from the sun on hot days. A short white blouse looks good in combination with a navy blue jumpsuit.

The Pencil SkirtIdeal for Emphasising a Shapely Figure


Skirts are an absolute must have for any woman who cares about how she looks and is seeking a combination of comfort and girlishness. The particular style chosen depends largely on the figure of the woman in question; ladies wishing to emphasise a slim figure or full buttocks will choose a short pencil skirt or maxi pencil skirt. Both hug the figure closely, and in combination with a white blouse, they look straight out of the classic collection. Flared skirts are recommended for girls wishing to emphasise their long legs and a shiny design can be a great choice for a party. Similar are lace skirts – suitable not only for a party, but also for a special occasion, such as a date. Flowered skirts and full skirts are for summer days at work and meetings with friends. Ladies who want to emphasise their unique character in an uncompromising manner should choose a leather skirt, which will be perfect for both warm evenings and cool days when thin tights are needed.

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